Special Events

Occasionally Ronen gives special events such as QiGong workshop, Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, and Destiny Readings. Ronen either guides these events or collaborate with other instructors. These events are open to all, no previous experience is necessary. Just be open-minded and interested in exploring various paths. No need to bring anything but yourself.

Please note: we start events and classes promptly. If you arrive a few minutes late, please enter observing silence.

At current Ronen is not instructing in only one particular location. Please check the schedule on this website to find out where different special events are being offered. Please click here to stay in touch with Ronen via various social media channels and email subscription.

If you are a studio or space owner, please click here to invite Ronen to give a special event at your location. Not sure if Ronen can guide a specific topic or looking for ideas for new special events to bring to your space? Click here to contact Ronen and inquire.